Rising Magic Wand

Illusion/Magic Tricks

No magician can put on a show without their wand from the wizards of HarryPotter to the world of Harry Houdini. They are both a symbol of transformation and illusion, but nowthey are the source of the magic themselves. This Magical Rising Wand  will put the awe in audience. Whether you’re right or left handed youcan have an incredible wand that will leave your crowd on the edge of theirseats. The trick is so sleight that they will be begging you to do it againand reveal your secrets. But never tell! They won’t believe how easy it is ifyou tell them the secret of the trick. The wand comes with both written andillustrated instructions so it’s simple to learn. Even if you’re cramming in alast minute trick before you go on stage, you can learn this at the drop of ahat and execute it perfectly.

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